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It's the innovative one,
It's the right one,
That's Cosabella...

Inspired by design...

The Spirit of System…

New Thinking, New System. 

Feel the magic of design,
that’s Cosabella...

Why Cosabella?

While Cosabella offers suitable solutions for projects in the aluminum architectural systems sector, it is involved in all processes from design to assembly. With its production experience from the past and our R & D team that makes a difference, Cosabella provides customer satisfaction-oriented services to our valued customers in aluminum sliding system, aluminum insulated lift-and-slide door system and aluminum door and window systems.

“The main purpose of the Cosabella brand is; to offer systems for more durable, high quality, practical and aesthetic living spaces to our customers. It is one of our main goals to ensure that ecological products that are friendly to the environment and human health, and that our country and people of the world can reach higher standard products at affordable prices.”

Product Design

IDEA - Cosabella


DESIGN - Cosabella




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PRODUCT - Cosabella



We offer innovative architectural solutions that increase the elegance and functionality of your spaces in residential and commercial applications:
"Insulated Sliding Systems, Non-Insulated Sliding Systems, Insulated Opening Systems , Non-Insulated Opening Systems, Insulated Façade Systems, Partition Systems, Folding Systems, Entrance Doors, Pivot Entrance Doors" are designed to meet the demands of modern architecture and provide durability, security and energy efficiency.